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Dr. Barry Boyd

Oncologist, Hematologist, & Pioneer in Integrative Medicine


Intelligent Medicine for October 30, 2013

The science behind the ideal cancer diet: Dr. Hoffman interviews Dr. Barry Boyd, author of the Cancer Recovery Plan. Is insulin the culprit in many cancers? Is soy OK for breast cancer survivors? Is being tall a risk for cancer? 

Click below to listen:

Dr. Boyd on Integrative Approaches to Treating the Cancer Patient:

Dr. Boyd, on Connecticut Public Radio’s Yale Cancer Center Answers, interviewed by Drs. Foss and Wilson on the correlation between nutrition and cancer.

Dr Zieve, of, discusses metabolic syndrome, obesity, and the effects of insulin with Dr Barry Boyd in "The Insulin Connection."

Selected Articles

Food Every Breast Cancer Survivor Should Know About: 

Decoding the link between nutrition and longevity following a breast cancer diagnosis may soon take on a greater urgency.

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Dr. Barry Boyd on CBS News Sunday Morning, discussing the power of positive thinking in overcoming cancer and hardship:

Dr. Barry Boyd discusses common issues that cancer survivors may face:​

Vive Katerin interviews leading physcian Dr. Barry Boyd of Yale Health System:

Dr. Boyd comments on environmental toxins and their relationship with cancer: